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EU tells UK's May: We will not renegotiate the Brexit treaty

THE HAGUE/STRASBOURG (Reuters) - The European Union ruled out renegotiating the Brexit divorce treaty or its Irish border protocol on Tuesday as Prime Minister Theresa May sought last ditch assurances from the bloc to save her deal after pulling a vote she acknowledged she would lose. Learn More


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New Brexit vote will be before Jan. 21: UK PM May's spokesman

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's parliament will vote on whether to approve Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal before Jan. 21, her spokesman said on Tuesday. More »


Armed British police use stun gun on man inside grounds of parliament

LONDON (Reuters) - Armed British police used a Taser stun gun to restrain a man inside the grounds of parliament in Westminster on Tuesday, a Reuters photographer who witnessed the incident said. More »


Exclusive: Red tape, funding problems hamper Lion Air black box search

JAKARTA (Reuters) - Bureaucratic wrangling and funding problems have hampered the search for the cockpit voice recorder of a crashed Lion Air jet, prompting investigators to turn to the airline to foot the bill in a rare test of global norms on the probe's independence. More »


Yemen's warring parties exchange prisoner lists, talks focus on Hodeidah

RIMBO, Sweden (Reuters) - Yemen's Houthi movement and the Saudi-backed government on Tuesday exchanged lists of some 15,000 prisoners for a swap agreed as a confidence-building measure at the start of U.N.-sponsored peace talks. More »


Iran says it recently tested a ballistic missile

GENEVA (Reuters) - A senior Revolutionary Guards commander said on Tuesday that Iran had recently carried out a ballistic missile test but he did not specify what kind of missile had been tested, according to Fars News. More »


Spain threatens to send national police to Catalonia after protests

MADRID (Reuters) - Spain's interior minister said he would send national police to Catalonia if local authorities did not do more to stop protests like the one that shut down major highways over the weekend. More »


250,000 Syrian refugees could return home next year: UNHCR

GENEVA (Reuters) - Up to a 250,000 Syrian refugees could return to their devastated homeland in 2019, while many others face problems with documentation and property that the Damascus government must help resolve, the U.N. refugee agency UNHCR said on Tuesday. More »


U.N. peacekeepers confirm second tunnel at Lebanon-Israel border

BEIRUT (Reuters) - U.N. peacekeepers said on Tuesday they had confirmed the existence of a second tunnel close to the blue line separating Lebanon and Israel. More »


U.S. returns bells looted after Philippine wartime massacre

MANILA (Reuters) - Church bells taken as war trophies by U.S. forces more than a century ago arrived in the Philippines on Tuesday, ending Manila's decades-long quest for the return of some of the most famous symbols of resistance to U.S. colonialism. More »


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