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Putin will seek another term as Russian president, aiming to extend his rule of over two decades

Vladimir Putin has moved to prolong his repressive and unyielding grip on Russia for at least another six years, announcing his candidacy in the presidential election next March that he is all but certain to win Learn More


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Israel presses ahead with bombarding Gaza, including areas it told Palestinians to evacuate to

Israeli warplanes are striking parts of the Gaza Strip including some of the dwindling bits of land it told Palestinians to evacuate to in the south More »


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Israel strikes north and south Gaza after US vetoes a UN cease-fire resolution More »


With Putin's reelection all but assured, Russia's opposition still vows to undermine his image

Most Russian opposition figures are either in prison at home or are in exile abroad More »


Observers see OPEC 'panicking' as COP28 climate talks focus on possible fossil fuel phase-out

Veteran climate negotiation observers say the oil industry is starting to sweat as United Nations climate talks heat up and threaten to plug fossil fuel-belching wells for good More »


From urchin crushing to lab-grown kelp, efforts to save California's kelp forests show promise

After purple urchins helped nearly wipe out 96% of California's iconic underwater bull kelp forests over a six-year span, biologists say they are seeing promising signs that efforts to save them may be helping More »


Organizers of COP28 want an inclusive summit. But just how diverse is the negotiating table?

Many women, young people and Indigenous voices say they feel they’re relegated to mere attendance, with limited opportunities to contribute substantially to the decisive meetings, despite promises to make the talks more inclusive More »


Turkey's Erdogan accuses the West of 'barbarism' and Islamophobia in the war in Gaza

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has used a speech on human rights to accuse the West of “barbarism” for its stance on the Israel-Hamas war and what he alleged was its toleration of Islamophobia More »


Polish truck drivers are blocking the border with Ukraine. It's hurting on the battlefield

Ukrainian charities and companies supplying the country’s military warn that problems are growing as Polish truck drivers show no sign of ending a monthlong border blockade More »


Six Palestinians are killed in the Israeli military's latest West Bank raid, health officials say

Palestinian health officials say Israeli forces stormed into a refugee camp in the occupied West Bank to arrest Palestinian militants and unleashed fighting with local gunmen in which six Palestinians were killed More »


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