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Asteroid will pass in front of bright star Betelgeuse to produce a rare eclipse visible to millions

One of the biggest and brightest stars in the night sky will momentarily vanish Read More


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Decades after Europe, turning blades send first commercial offshore wind power onto US grid

Off the coast of eastern Long Island, an 800-foot tall turbine has begun sending electricity onto the U.S. grid from what’s set to be the country’s first commercial offshore wind farm More »


How to adapt to climate change may be secondary at COP28, but it's key to saving lives, experts say

As United Nations climate talks enter their second week, negotiators who are largely focused on how to curb climate change have another thing on their plates: how to adapt to the warming that’s already here More »


52 sea turtles experiencing 'cold stun' in New England flown to rehab in Florida

Fifty-two endangered Kemp’s ridley sea turtles suffering from “cold stun” are rehabbing at four facilities in Florida after a flight on a private plane from the New England Aquarium in Massachusetts More »


Iran says it sent a capsule capable of carrying animals into orbit as it prepares for human missions

Iran says it sent a capsule into orbit capable of carrying animals as it prepares for human missions in coming years More »


UN agency cites worrying warming trend as COP28 summit grapples with curbing climate change

The U.N. weather agency is reporting that glaciers shrank more than ever from 2011 and 2020 and the Antarctic ice sheet lost 75 percent more compared to the previous ten years, as it released its latest stark report about the fallout on the planet from climate change More »


Indonesia ends search for victims of eruption at Mount Marapi volcano that killed 23 climbers

Indonesian authorities have ended the search for any more victims among climbers who were caught by a weekend eruption of the Mount Marapi volcano that killed 23 people and injured several others More »


Minnesota, Wisconsin wildlife officials capture 100s of invasive carp in Mississippi River

Wildlife officials have captured hundreds of invasive carp from the Mississippi River near Trempealeau, Wisconsin More »


British research ship crosses paths with world's largest iceberg as it drifts out of Antarctica

Britain’s polar research ship has crossed paths with the largest iceberg in the world More »


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