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China plans to land astronauts on moon before 2030, expand space station, bring on foreign partners

Officials with China's burgeoning space program say they plan to place astronauts on the moon before 2030 and expand their space station Read More


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Thousands evacuated as Philippines warns of flooding, landslides from approaching Typhoon Mawar

Philippine officials are evacuating thousands of villagers, shutting schools and offices and imposing a no-sail ban as Typhoon Mawar approaches the country’s northern provinces More »


IAEA team in Japan for final review before planned discharge of Fukushima nuclear plant water

An International Atomic Energy Agency team has arrived in Tokyo for a final review before Japan begins releasing massive amounts of treated radioactive water into the sea from the wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant, a plan that has been strongly opposed by local fishing communities and neighboring countries More »


Farmer-turned-policeman is Mexico's eyes and ears at Popocatepetl volcano

When the Popocatepetl volcano reawakened in 1994, Mexican scientists needed people in the area who could be their eyes and ears More »


Crash of private Japanese moon lander blamed on software, last-minute location switch

A Tokyo company whose lunar lander slammed into the moon says a software issue and a last-minute switch in the touchdown location led to the crash More »


Brazil: UN regional group has endorsed Amazon city to host 2025 climate conference

Brazil’s government has announced that a U.N. Latin America regional group has endorsed a Brazilian city in the Amazon region to host the 2025 U.N. climate change conference, though the world body has not yet publicly confirmed the venue More »


Elon Musk's brain implant company Neuralink says it has US approval to begin trials in people

Elon Musk’s brain implant company Neuralink says it's gotten permission from U.S. regulators to begin testing its device in people More »


Danish masters prepped canvases with leftovers from brewing beer

Famous Danish painters may have gotten supplies from an unusual source: breweries More »


Killer whales damage boats in Spanish, Portuguese waters in puzzling new behavior

A pod of killer whales repeatedly rammed a yacht in the Strait of Gibraltar this week, damaging it enough to require Spanish rescuers to come to the aid of its four crew members More »


Bear helps itself to 60 cupcakes from Connecticut bakery, scares employees

A hungry bear barged into the garage of a Connecticut bakery, scared several employees and helped itself to 60 cupcakes before ambling away More »


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