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Massive Puerto Rico telescope featured in James Bond movie collapses

(Reuters) - A massive radio telescope at Puerto Rico's Arecibo Observatory - one of the world's largest - collapsed on Tuesday after sustaining severe damage since August, officials said, following 57 years of astronomical discoveries. Read More


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Australian telescope maps deep space at record speed

MELBOURNE (Reuters) - A powerful new telescope in outback Australia has mapped vast areas of the universe in record-breaking time, revealing a million new galaxies and opening the way to new discoveries, the country's national science agency said on Tuesday. More »


Bezos' Blue Origin taps former Pentagon, NASA officials for new advisory board

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Blue Origin said on Tuesday it formed a new advisory board of former Pentagon and NASA officials, as billionaire Jeff Bezos' space company vies for lucrative government contracts and readies its first orbital rocket for debut next year. More »


Slow and steady or a big spurt? How to grow a ferocious dinosaur

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Large meat-eating dinosaurs attained their great size through very different growth strategies, with some taking a slow and steady path and others experiencing an adolescent growth spurt, according to scientists who analyzed slices of fossilized bones. More »


Russia should look again at terms of ISS participation - space industry official

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia should consider revising the terms of its participation in the International Space Station, a Russian space industry executive said on Thursday, because it wants to focus on forming its own orbiting outpost after 2024. More »


Dinosaur-era bird with scythe-like beak sheds light on avian diversity

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A delicate but exquisitely preserved skull of a crow-sized bird with a scythe-like beak that inhabited Madagascar 68 million years ago is showing scientists that they have a lot of learn about avian diversity during the age of dinosaurs. More »


Brazilian soy farmers try 5G technology with Huawei equipment

BRASILIA (Reuters) - The Brazilian farm state of Goias rolled out a pilot project on Thursday to increase productivity and take fast action against disease using fifth-generation technology and equipment provided by China's Huawei Technologies Co. More »


SpaceX to press ahead with Starlink tests, delays commercial service

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - SpaceX will continue beta testing its satellite-based broadband service Starlink into next year, the company said late Tuesday, indicating commercial service would not likely be offered in 2020 as previously planned. More »


Egyptian inventor trials robot that can test for COVID-19

TANTA, Egypt (Reuters) - With Egypt facing a second coronavirus wave, an inventor is trialing a remote-control robot which can test for COVID-19, take the temperature of patients, and warn them if they don't wear masks at a private hospital north of Cairo. More »


China completes lunar sample collection ahead of schedule

BEIJING (Reuters) - China's Chang'e-5 lunar vehicle has finished collecting samples of lunar rocks and soil more than a day ahead of schedule in the first lunar sample retrieval mission since the 1970s, the country's space agency said on Thursday. More »


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