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G-7 aims to create club of nations to boost climate action

Members of the Group of Seven major economies pledged Tuesday to create a new “climate club" that for nations that wants to take more ambitious action to tackle global warming Read More


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NASA hopes New Zealand launch will pave way for moon landing

NASA wants to experiment with a new orbit around the moon that it hopes to use in the coming years to once again land astronauts on the lunar surface More »


Australia prioritizes reducing emissions and cheaper EVs

Australia’s new government is putting climate change at the top of its legislative agenda when Parliament sits next month for the first time since the May 21 election, with bills to enshrine a cut in greenhouse gas emissions and make electric cars cheaper More »


Italian surgeon gets his sentence appealed in Sweden case

Swedish prosecutors have appealed a sentence given to an Italian surgeon who was prosecuted for causing bodily harm during experimental stem-cell windpipe transplants More »


Biden aims at China in new illegal fishing policy framework

The Biden administration is stepping up efforts to combat illegal fishing by China and ordering federal agencies to better coordinate amongst themselves in a bid to promote sustainable exploitation of the world’s oceans More »


UN chief: National selfishness delaying global oceans deal

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres says some countries won’t accept that the world’s oceans belong to everyone and their “egoism” is holding up a global agreement on protecting these vast tracts of the planet More »


Qatar Energy to cut emissions as methane movement grows

The state-owned oil and gas company Qatar Energy says it is joining a new industry initiative aiming to reduce nearly all methane emissions from their operations by 2030 More »


Air Guard troops doing space missions face identity crisis

About 1,000 Air National Guard troops who are assigned to space missions are mired in an identity crisis More »


To combat coral bleaching, Kenya turns to reef nurseries

The marine area off the coast of Kenya at Wasini Island, jointly managed by a foundation and the island’s community, has been planting over 8,000 corals a year since 2012 and placed about 800 artificial reef structures in the channel in a bid to restore Wasini’s coral gardens More »


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