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He won a trip to space. Then he gave it away to a friend

The real winner of a sweepstakes for a ride in space has finally come forward: a Florida-based airline pilot Read More


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Fake poop helps evicted owls settle into new neighborhood

Scientists have come up with some tricks to make transplanted owls feel like they are not alone in their new digs, playing owl sounds and scattering fake poop More »


Americans' trust in science now deeply polarized, poll shows

Republicans’ faith in science is falling as Democrats rely on it even more, with a trust gap in science and medicine widening substantially during the COVID-19 pandemic More »


Thailand deploys more assets as oil slick threatens beaches

An aircraft from a company specializing in recoveries from oil spills has arrived from Malaysia to join an urgent effort to clean up an oil slick before it could hit beaches in eastern Thailand More »


California museum returns massacre remains to Wiyot Tribe

The remains of 20 Native Americans massacred in Northern California in 1860 have been returned to their tribe More »


Hot stuff: Lab hits milestone on long road to fusion power

Scientists say they have been able to spark a fusion reaction that briefly sustained itself, a significant milestone on the long path to fusion power More »


Meet Methuselah, the oldest living aquarium fish

An elderly fish that likes to eat fresh figs and get belly rubs is believed to be the world's oldest living aquarium fish More »


Study: Gas stoves worse for climate than previously thought

A new study has found that gas stoves are worse for the climate than previously thought More »


World's oldest male gorilla dies at Atlanta zoo at age of 61

The world's oldest male gorilla has died at age 61 at Zoo Atlanta More »


Baby whale genetic testing may help save species, study says

Authors of a new scientific study say greater reliance on genetic testing of baby whales and their mothers may help save a rare species from extinction More »


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