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Here's why experts don't think cloud seeding played a role in Dubai's downpour

With cloud seeding, it may rain, but it doesn’t really pour or flood — at least nothing like what drenched the United Arab Emirates and paralyzed Dubai More »


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Cloning makes three: Two more endangered ferrets are gene copies of critter frozen in 1980s

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says two more black-footed ferrets have been cloned from the genes used for the first clone of an endangered species in the U.S. These three slinky predators are genetically identical to a single animal frozen back in the 1980s More »


Plumbing problem at Glen Canyon Dam brings new threat to Colorado River system

Plumbing problems at the dam holding back the second-largest reservoir in the U.S. are spurring concerns about future water delivery issues to Southwestern states supplied by the Colorado River More »


NASA is seeking a faster, cheaper way to bring Mars samples to Earth

NASA is seeking a faster, cheaper way to bring rock samples from Mars to Earth More »


Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in US more likely to believe in climate change: AP-NORC poll

Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders in the United States are slightly more likely than the overall adult population to believe in human-caused climate change More »


Decades after a US butterfly species vanished, a close relative is released to fill gap

Wildlife experts are bringing butterflies back to the Presidio National Park in San Francisco as part of an effort to restore native ecosystems More »


Your morning coffee may be more than a half million years old

The coffee that picked you up this morning is 600,000 years old More »


Dead whale in New Jersey had a fractured skull among numerous injuries, experts find

A post-mortem examination of a whale that washed ashore on New Jersey’s Long Beach Island shows the animal sustained numerous blunt force injuries including a fractured skull and vertebrae More »


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