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Trump or Biden? Peruvian shamans try to predict U.S. election winner

LIMA (Reuters) - With incense smoke, flowers and photos of President Donald Trump and Democratic rival Joe Biden, Peruvian shamans performed an ancestral ritual on Wednesday for the U.S. elections, but there was little agreement about who would win the Nov. 3 ballot. Learn More


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Ig Nobel science award: An alligator on helium sounds like ...?

(Reuters) - If humans sound like Minnie Mouse after inhaling helium, would an alligator squeak on the gas used to float balloons? More »


Fifty meters up and two apart - Belgium's dinner-in-the-sky relaunches

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Belgians looking for a different culinary experience will once again be able to eat 50 metres (164 feet) above the ground as the dining-in-the-sky experience returns from COVID-19 lockdown with a new, socially distanced feel. More »


A.I. robot serves customers at Seoul restaurant

(Reuters) - "Aglio Kim", a trolley-like robot which uses artificial intelligence (A.I.), is delivering food to customers at a restaurant in Seoul, in order to minimise human contact and help ensure social distancing. More »


Wanted: Animal Godparents for Chilean Zoo in 'Bleak' Year

SANTIAGO (Reuters) - Oliver the rhinoceros, King Julien the lemur, Chilly Willy the penguin and their friends are urgently seeking sponsors for their bed and board in a Chilean zoo as visitors have dwindled to zero with the arrival of coronavirus. More »


Belgian city finds its former mayor's heart in a fountain

VERVIERS (Reuters) - For years it was just an urban myth. Then the diggers moved in and found it was true - that the heart of a former mayor of the eastern Belgian city of Verviers really was buried under a fountain. More »


With songs and sedation, experts aim to rescue Kaavan the Islamabad elephant

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - The trick to calming an unhappy elephant? Sing him Frank Sinatra songs, according to one of the vets tasked with assessing whether Kaavan can be moved from poor conditions in a zoo in Pakistan's capital to a sanctuary in Cambodia. More »


Investigators launched over 150 probes in French horse mutilations, killings spate

PARIS (Reuters) - Investigators have opened more than 150 probes into a spate of killings and mutilations of horses across France, Agriculture Minister Julien Denormandie said on Wednesday. More »


Japan sushi chef using bodybuilder delivery to buoy COVID-19 hit business

TOKYO (Reuters) - A sushi restaurant in central Japan is trying to boost sluggish demand during the coronavirus pandemic by sending shirtless bodybuilders to deliver food to its customers. More »


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