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Phillies deny emotional support alligator from entering ballpark

A Phillies fan and his emotional support alligator were denied entrance to watch Philadelphia host Pittsburgh Learn More


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A Danish artist who submitted empty frames as artwork is appealing court ruling to repay the cash

A Danish artist who was given a pile of cash by a museum in northern Denmark to create a piece for its exhibition on labor conditions two years ago submitted two empty canvases, causing an uproar More »


Flamingos in Wisconsin? Tropical birds visit Lake Michigan beach in a first for the northern state

Five flamingos that showed up in Wisconsin to wade along a Lake Michigan beach attracted a big crowd of onlookers eager to see the unusual visitors venturing far from their usual tropical setting More »


Ice pops cool down monkeys in Brazil at a Rio zoo during a rare winter heat wave

Animals at a zoo in Rio de Janeiro have been getting cold treats to cool them down during a rare winter heat wave More »


Florida siblings, ages 10 and 11, stopped while driving mom's car on freeway 200 miles from home

A 10-year-old Florida boy and his 11-year-old sister who were running away to California drove 200 miles in their mother’s car before they were stopped by sheriff’s deputies on highway More »


An Israeli tank was stolen from a military zone. Authorities found it in a junkyard

Israeli authorities are trying to figure out how a tank was stolen from a military training zone in northern Israel More »


Why was a lion cub found by a roadside in northern Serbia? Police are trying to find out

A lion cub, only a few months old, has been taken to a zoo in northern Serbia after it was found wandering on a local road More »


Poker player who drew donations for Las Vegas event lied about dying from cancer

A poker player who said he had terminal cancer and accepted thousands of dollars in donations so he could play in a World Series of Poker tournament in Las Vegas now admits it was all a lie More »


Woman rescued from outhouse toilet after climbing in to retrieve Apple Watch, Michigan police say

A woman was rescued Tuesday from an outhouse toilet in northern Michigan after she climbed in to retrieve her Apple Watch and became trapped More »


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