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2 Amur tiger cubs have their first public outing at Germany's Cologne Zoo

Two Amur tiger cubs have had their first public outing at Cologne Zoo in Germany, one of several zoos that have sought to help keep up the numbers of the rare big cats More »


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106 rare crocodile eggs are found in Cambodia, the biggest such discovery in 20 years

Officials in Cambodia say conservationists have found 106 eggs of rare Siamese crocodile species in a western Cambodian wildlife sanctuary More »


Stegosaurus fossil fetches nearly $45M, setting record for dinosaur auctions

Sotheby's says the nearly complete fossilized remains of a stegosaurus have sold for $44.6 million at a New York auction More »


No kidding! King Charles III bestows royal title on rare golden goat breed

King Charles III has bestowed a royal title on a rare golden goat breed More »


Webcam monitors hundreds of rattlesnakes at a Colorado 'mega den' for citizen science

A “mega den” of rattlesnakes at a remote location in northern Colorado is now available for live, round-the-clock viewing online More »


Albert the alligator's owner sues New York state agency in effort to be reunited with seized pet

An upstate New York man whose 750-pound alligator was seized is suing the state Department of Environmental Conservation in an effort to get him back, saying the agency was wrong not to renew a license for the pet he looked after for more than 30 years More »


These Picassos prompted a gender war at an Australian gallery. Now the curator says she painted them

An Australian art museum curator has divulged that she was the creator of three paintings that she presented as works by Pablo Picasso -- and which prompted a gender discrimination case when she only permitted female gallery patrons to view them More »


This nearly 10-foot Gatsby sub is made by a South African restaurant with a taste for the supersized

A South African restaurant and bar has served up a sandwich that's nearly 10 feet long in the latest offering from an establishment with a taste for the supersized More »


A second critically endangered Chinese pangolin is born in the Prague zoo in less than 2 years

A second Chinese pangolin was born in the Prague zoo in less than two years and is doing well, defying the odds and surprising park officials More »


Great-grandmother who just finished radiation treatments for breast cancer wins $5M lottery prize

A great-grandmother from Pennsylvania who recently completed radiation treatments for breast cancer won $5 million on a scratch-off state lottery ticket More »


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