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Wright Brothers, wrong design: Ohio mangles license plate

Ohio's debut of its new license plate failed to take off after the illustration of a banner in flight was attached to the wrong end of the Wright Brothers’ first plane Learn More


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Police: Burglar gets new keys before she's locked up

A woman pretended she owned a Southern California home so a locksmith would make her new keys More »


Buzzards settle in North Carolina town despite scare tactics

A North Carolina town finds itself under siege by buzzards, and nothing local leaders do to scare them off seems to be working More »


Body scan reveals shotgun shell inside Alabama prisoner

A man being booked into an Alabama jail wound up at a hospital rather than behind bars after a scan revealed a shotgun shell in his abdomen More »


Marine vet foils Arizona robbery by grabbing suspect's gun

A U_S_ Marine Corps veteran who disarmed a teenage robbery suspect in an Arizona gas station by grabbing the suspect's gun says he was just “doing what needed to be done.” More »


Serendipity? 3 sisters have same birthday in different years

Three sisters in a suburb of Orlando, Florida, share the same birthday, but they’re not twins or triplets More »


For sleepy Hong Kong residents, 5-hour bus tour is a snooze

Travel-starved, sleep-deprived residents might find a new Hong Kong bus tour to be a snooze More »


World's biggest triceratops sells for $7.7 million in Paris

The world’s biggest triceratops skeleton, known as “Big John,” has been sold for 6.6 million euros ($7.7 million) to a private collector at a Paris auction house More »


Rare coin made in Colonial New England could fetch $300,000

An extraordinarily rare coin with a face value of just pennies when it was minted in mid-17th century New England could sell for the equivalent of about $300,000 when it’s put up for auction in London next month More »


Endangered orangutan in New Orleans expecting twins

A critically endangered Sumatran orangutan in New Orleans is pregnant with twins More »


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