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Colombian caught in Spain with cocaine under toupee

MADRID (Reuters) - A Colombian man was detained at Barcelona's international airport after half a kilo of cocaine was found hidden under an over-sized toupee, Spanish police said on Tuesday. Learn More


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Chicago alligator stakeout snaps shut after professional catches reptile

CHICAGO (Reuters) - An elusive alligator residing in a Chicago lagoon was caught early on Tuesday after the reptile, thought to be an abandoned pet, captivated locals for nearly a week. More »


Sneakers give art a run for its money at first-of-a-kind Sotheby's auction

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Move over Monet. Nike is hot on your heels. More »


The longest toilet break? Belgian sits for five days in bid for record

OSTEND, Belgium (Reuters) - A Belgian man sat on a toilet for nearly five days this week in a bid to set a world record. More »


Lithuanian couple defends world wife-carrying championship title

SONKAJARVI, Finland (Reuters) - A Lithuanian couple won the World Wife-Carrying Championship for a second time in a row in the Finnish town of Sonkajarvi on Saturday, triumphing in a contest where men complete an obstacle course with their wives slung over their shoulders. More »


'Best day ever!' Internet pokes fun at Mexico's finance minister grim-faced job acceptance

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Mexico's Arturo Herrera looks grim in a viral video in which President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador names him finance minister, a job Herrera's predecessor left in a huff at a time when Latin America's second largest economy is signaling weakness. More »


Later alligator: Chicago wants scaly resident out of local lagoon

CHICAGO (Reuters) - An alligator has taken up residence in a Chicago lagoon, surprising locals after a winter of polar temperatures in the third-largest U.S. city. More »


Flight crew restrains 'God' aboard Delta flight, returns to Puerto Rico

(Reuters) - Delta Air Lines flight attendants restrained a passenger on a flight from Puerto Rico to New York after he shouted "I am God!" and claimed he would save the world, forcing the plane to return to the airport in San Juan, Puerto Rican police and the airline said on Wednesday. More »


Stowaway falls from plane over London, narrowly missing sunbather

LONDON (Reuters) - The body of a suspected stowaway fell hundreds of meters from a plane flying over southwest London, landing in the garden of a man's home, just missing him as he sunbathed, according to neighbors. More »


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