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Indian official suspended after he drains reservoir to retrieve phone he dropped while taking selfie

A government official in India has been suspended from his job after he ordered a water reservoir to be drained so he could retrieve his smartphone, which he had dropped while taking a selfie Learn More


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Bear helps itself to 60 cupcakes from Connecticut bakery, scares employees

A hungry bear barged into the garage of a Connecticut bakery, scared several employees and helped itself to 60 cupcakes before ambling away More »


Danish masters prepped canvases with leftovers from brewing beer

Famous Danish painters may have gotten supplies from an unusual source: breweries More »


Man shot roommate after accusing him of eating the last Hot Pocket, police say

Kentucky man is facing criminal charges after allegedly shooting his roommate in a dispute over a Hot Pocket More »


Chirping sounds lead airport officials to bag filled with smuggled parrot eggs

The 24 bright green baby parrots chirp and bob their heads the second anyone nears the large cages that have been their homes since hatching in March More »


Sustainable till death do us part, and 45 days beyond; mushroom coffin a last best wish for some

For those seeking to live in the most sustainable way, there now is an afterlife too More »


Felling of historic oak tree sparks outrage in Lithuania as mayor says developer should be fined

The mayor of Vilnius wants to fine a developer 141,000 euros for felling a healthy century-old oak tree without permission More »


Steer on the run for weeks lassoed, captured on Detroit-area freeway

A team of wranglers chased down and captured a wayward steer named Lester across several lanes of a Detroit-area freeway More »


German surgeon fired after getting hospital cleaner to assist amputation

Officials at a hospital in western Germany have expressed regret after it emerged that one of their surgeons got a cleaner to assist in a toe amputation More »


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