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Civil rights law targets 'cancer alley' discrimination

The Biden administration is using Title VI of the Civil Rights Act to investigate environmental discrimination by state agencies and others that receive federal funds Learn More


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Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes' path: From Yale to jail

Oath Keepers militia group founder Stewart Rhodes was once a promising Yale Law School graduate More »


Hurricane Ian nears Cuba on path to strike Florida as Cat 4

Hurricane Ian is nearing Cuba on a track to strike Florida as a Category 4 as early as Wednesday More »


Kentucky man who shot classmates in '97 imprisoned for life

A Kentucky man who killed three fellow students and wounded five others when he was 14 years old will spend the rest of his life in prison without another opportunity to seek parole More »


Texas vow to 'eliminate all rapists' rings hollow at clinics

Rape crisis centers in Texas say their caseloads remain high a year after a new abortion law that made no exceptions for rape victims went into effect More »


After rocky start, hopes up in Oregon drug decriminalization

Since Oregon residents voted in 2020 to decriminalize hard drugs and dedicate hundreds of millions of dollars to treatment, few people have requested the services and the state has been slow to channel the funds More »


False claims, threats fuel poll worker sign-ups for midterms

False claims about the 2020 presidential election by former President Donald Trump and his allies are spurring new interest in working the polls in Georgia and elsewhere for the upcoming midterm elections, but for different reasons More »


Biden's mixed record forces some Dems into odd balancing act

Some Democrats facing tough midterm races are praising many of the Biden administration's top policy achievements even while distancing themselves from the president himself More »


Bills would curtail objections at future Jan. 6 vote counts

Members of Congress have officially objected to the results in four of the last six presidential elections More »


Prosecutors to begin Florida school shooter trial rebuttal

Prosecutors in the penalty trial of Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz are about to begin their rebuttal case More »


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