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COVID-19 pandemic cut life expectancy by most since World War Two –study

LONDON (Reuters) - The COVID-19 pandemic reduced life expectancy in 2020 by the largest amount since World War Two, according to a study published on Monday by Oxford University, with the life expectancy of American men dropping by more than two years. Read More


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German Social Democrats beat conservatives in vote to decide Merkel successor

BERLIN (Reuters) -Germany's Social Democrats narrowly won Sunday's national election, projected results showed, and claimed a "clear mandate" to lead a government for the first time since 2005 and to end 16 years of conservative-led rule under Angela Merkel. More »


New York may tap National Guard to replace unvaccinated healthcare workers

(Reuters) - New York Governor Kathy Hochul is considering employing the National Guard and out-of-state medical workers to fill hospital staffing shortages with tens of thousands of workers possibly losing their jobs for not meeting a Monday deadline for mandated COVID-19 vaccination. More »


Texas governor defends upcoming 2020 election audits that Trump demanded

(Reuters) - Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Sunday defended his state's upcoming audit of 2020 presidential election results in four counties, action taken after former President Donald Trump demanded probes of the vote last week. More »


Huawei executive release offers chance to reset bilateral relations - Global Times

SHANGHAI (Reuters) - The release of Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou is an opportunity for a reboot of bilateral relations with the United States and Canada but "toxic political rhetoric" could still "poison" the atmosphere", Chinese state media said on Monday. More »


Asia shares hesitant as oil hits 3-year highs

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Asian shares got off to a cautious start on Monday as a jump in oil prices to three-year highs could inflame inflation fears and aggravate the recent hawkish turn by some major central banks. More »


Pelosi sets Thursday vote on infrastructure, eyes smaller social spending bill

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sunday set a vote on the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill for Thursday and voiced confidence it would pass. More »


Sydney set to unveil freedom roadmap as more COVID-19 curbs eased

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australia's New South Wales (NSW) government plans to unveil its roadmap on Monday for reopening the state from COVID-19 shutdowns, detailing the differing levels of freedoms to be afforded to citizens based on their vaccination status. More »


Switzerland votes to make same-sex marriage legal by near two-thirds majority

ZURICH (Reuters) -Switzerland agreed to legalise civil marriage and the right to adopt children for same-sex couples by a nearly two-thirds majority in a referendum on Sunday, making it one of the last countries in Western Europe to legalise gay marriage. More »


San Marino votes to legalise abortion in historic referendum

ROME (Reuters) -The tiny republic of San Marino has voted overwhelmingly in favor of legalising abortion in a referendum, overturning a law dating back to 1865, official results showed on Sunday. More »


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