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Senators call on TikTok CEO to explain 'inaccurate' statements about how company manages US data

Two U.S. senators are asking TikTok to explain what they called “misleading or inaccurate” statements about how it stores and provides access to U.S. user data Read More


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Apple's Vision Pro goggles unleash a mixed reality that could lead to more innovation and isolation

Reporters are a skeptical bunch, so it was unusual to hear so many of them raving about their firsthand experience with Apple’s next Big Thing More »


BBC, British Airways, Novia Scotia among first big-name victims in global supply-chain hack

U.S. and British cybersecurity officials are warning of the potential widespread global impact of a Russian cyber-extortion gang’s hack of a file-transfer program popular with corporations More »


Bluesky, championed by Jack Dorsey, was supposed to be Twitter 2.0. Can it succeed?

Bluesky is the internet’s hottest members-only spot at the moment More »


Papa Jake survived D-Day on Omaha Beach, now he's a TikTok star

World War II veteran Jake Larson survived D-Day on Omaha Beach More »


Former ByteDance executive says Chinese Communist Party tracked Hong Kong protesters via data

A former executive at ByteDance, the Chinese company which owns the popular short-video app TikTok, says in a legal filing that some members of the ruling Communist Party used data held by the company to identify and locate protesters in Hong Kong More »


OpenAI CEO suggests international agency like UN's nuclear watchdog could oversee AI

A key innovator is warning that artificial intelligence poses an “existential risk” to humanity More »


New Jersey utilities float solar panels on reservoir, powering water treatment plant

Two New Jersey utilities have joined forces on a clean energy project to pump water from a reservoir to 84,000 homes and businesses More »


Under house arrest, fake heiress Anna 'Delvey' Sorokin launches podcast to rehab public image

While under house arrest in New York, Anna Sorokin has launched the podcast, “The Anna Delvey Show.” More »


Apple unveils a $3,500 headset as it wades into the world of virtual reality

Apple has unveiled a long-rumored headset that will place its users between the virtual and real world, while also testing the technology trendsetter’s ability to popularize new-fangled devices after others failed to capture the public’s imagination More »


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