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Kids are using phones in class, even when it’s against the rules. Should schools ban them all day?

The scene in classrooms around the country is similar: Kids are on their phones, even when school rules forbid it Read More


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Sony to cut about 900 jobs in its PlayStation unit as layoffs in technology, gaming sector continue

Sony will cut about 900 jobs in its PlayStation division, or about 8% of its global workforce, becoming the latest company in the technology and gaming sector to announce layoffs More »


Microsoft inks deal with France's Mistral AI, an OpenAI rival that has its own chatbot

Microsoft announced an artificial intelligence partnership Monday with the French startup Mistral AI that could lessen the software giant’s reliance on ChatGPT-maker OpenAI for supplying the next wave of chatbots and other generative AI products More »


Political consultant behind fake Biden robocalls says he was trying to highlight a need for AI rules

The political consultant behind robocalls that mimicked President Joe Biden’s voice says he was trying to send a wake-up call about the potential malign uses of artificial intelligence, not influence last month's New Hampshire primary More »


Two Chinese bloggers in exile warn that police are interrogating their followers

Two prominent Chinese bloggers in exile said that police were investigating their millions of followers on international social media platforms, in an escalation of Beijing’s attempts to clamp down on critical speech even outside of the country’s borders More »


Supreme Court casts doubt on GOP-led states' efforts to regulate social media platforms

The Supreme Court has cast doubt with state laws that could affect how Facebook, TikTok, X, YouTube and other social media platforms regulate content posted by their users More »


AT&T will give $5 to customers hit by cellphone network outage

AT&T says it will give affected customers $5 each to compensate for last week’s network outage More »


Mexican president slams YouTube for taking down his video that shared a journalist's phone number

Mexico’s president has again lashed out at social media platform YouTube for taking down part of his daily news briefing where he revealed a reporter’s phone number More »


'Burn Book' torches tech titans in veteran reporter's tale of love and loathing in Silicon Valley

Technology is so pervasive and invasive that it’s polarizing people, producing feelings of love and loathing for its devices, online services and the would-be visionaries behind them More »


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