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Flour power lifts spirits as Greek village stages mock battle

GALAXIDI, GREECE (Reuters) - Greek villagers staged a street battle on Monday with bags of colored flour in an annual tradition called the Flour War. Learn More


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Trump seeks help of insurers to smooth Obamacare transition

NEW YORK/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trump sought on Monday to bring the nation's largest insurance companies on board with his plans to overhaul Obamacare, saying their help was needed to deliver a smooth transition to the Republicans' new plan. More »


Grain traders prepping fish oil substitutes for aquaculture, health fads

(Reuters) - The world's top agricultural traders and biotechnology firms are finding novel ways to make fish oil substitutes from grains and algae as they seek to cash in on consumer health fads that have led to a scarcity of the fatty acids commonly found in fish. More »


Republicans will fail in Obamacare repeal bid: top Senate Democrat

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The top Democrat in the U.S. Senate predicted on Monday that Republicans would fall short of their stated goal of repealing former Democratic President Barack Obama's signature healthcare law. More »


WHO says new drugs urgently needed to fight 12 'priority pathogens'

LONDON (Reuters) - New antibiotics must be developed urgently to fight a dozen dangerous families of bacteria, the World Health Organization said on Monday, describing these "priority pathogens" as the greatest threats to human health. More »


Gender disparity in academic medicine sponsorship

(Reuters Health) - Women are less likely than men to gain sponsorship from their mentors in academic medicine, a survey of National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant recipients suggests. More »


Magnesium may not ease nighttime leg cramps

(Reuters Health) - Patients suffering from leg cramps at night don’t get any more relief from these symptoms with a magnesium pill than they do with a dummy pill, a recent Israeli study suggests. More »


Most U.S. high schools lack athletic trainers

(Reuters Health) - Many U.S. high schools don't offer athletic training services and few employ full-time athletic trainers, according to a new study. More »


Americans stressed over politics, poll shows

(Reuters Health) - In January, just before President Donald Trump was inaugurated, Americans reported feeling more stressed than they had in at least a decade, since the American Psychological Association first began taking the public’s temperature in 2006. More »


La Jolla's shares soar after blood pressure drug clears key study

(Reuters) - La Jolla Pharmaceutical Co's shares surged as much as 76.8 percent on Monday after the company said its drug to treat low blood pressure succeeded in a key trial, taking it one step closer to bringing its first drug to market. More »


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