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Novartis has assets to sell, investors wary of what it might buy

ZURICH (Reuters) - As Novartis considers asset sales that could raise $50 billion, investors are worried any cash raised may give the Swiss drugmaker firepower for another unsuccessful megadeal. Learn More


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Congo approves use of Ebola vaccination to fight outbreak

KINSHASA (Reuters) - Democratic Republic of Congo's health ministry has approved the use of a new Ebola vaccine to counter an outbreak in its northeast that has killed four people, a spokesman said on Monday. More »


Sri Lanka's flood survivors threatened by dengue, disease: aid workers

NEW DELHI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Thousands of survivors of devastating floods and landslides in Sri Lanka are at risk of potentially fatal diseases such as dengue fever, charities warned on Monday as the death toll from the disaster continued to rise. More »


Spain arrests 14 on suspicion of making, selling performance-enhancing drugs

MADRID (Reuters) - Spanish police raided 25 homes, warehouses and gymnasiums and arrested 14 people accused of belonging to a network manufacturing and trafficking performance-enhancing drugs, the interior ministry said on Monday. More »


Injury rates in young female athletes may be underestimated

Injury rates among elite young female athletes may be higher than what’s been reported, new data suggest. More »


British American Tobacco to expand 'glo' smokeless tobacco sales in Japan from July

TOKYO (Reuters) - British American Tobacco will expand sales of its "glo" tobacco-heating device to Tokyo and Osaka from July and roll it out nationwide by year-end, intensifying a battle with Philip Morris International for a share of Japan's vaping market. More »


Duck farming resumes in France with end of bird flu crisis

PARIS (Reuters) - Duck farmers in southwestern France resumed operations on Monday with the latest outbreak of bird flu now deemed to be under control after the culling of millions of birds and a six-week halt to production. More »


‘Baby boxes’ help new moms stick to safer sleep practices

Providing new mothers with a “baby box” - a cardboard bassinet with a mattress and fitted cotton sheet - reduces the likelihood that they’ll adopt the unsafe habit of sharing a bed with their newborn, new research shows. More »


Likelihood of having current CPR training declines with age

Older people are the group most likely to need cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), but they are the least likely to have training in the life-saving technique, according to new findings. More »


The trauma of a breast cancer diagnosis can have cognitive effects

The mental fog often experienced by breast cancer patients after chemotherapy might be due more to post-traumatic stress than to the cancer drugs, a new study suggests. More »


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