FACTBOX-AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine nears EU authorization, J&J data awaited

(Adds AstraZeneca's EU application acceptance; updates Moderna, Sinovac, Russia's Sputnik and Johnson & Johnson) Jan 13 (Reuters) - Europe's drugs regulator will review the COVID-19 vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford University this month under an accelerated timeline and could issue an opinion by the end of the month. The shots from AstraZeneca, Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna have been tested in late-stage studies and their roll out is underway in several countries. Johnson & Johnson is expected to report late-stage trial data on its single-dose vaccine this month. The following table gives the state of play of the main vaccine candidates. COMPANY STAGE OF DEVELOPMENT EXPECTED DOSES Pfizer Inc and The Philippines was the latest to (Nine countries for over 600 mln BioNTech SE authorize the vaccine for doses) emergency use, with a total of 13 countries and the EU having U.S. - 200 mln+ option for 400 authorized the vaccine. Roll out mln more underway in Britain, the U.S., the EU, Mexico, Costa Rica, UK - 40 mln; Expects to have 10 Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, mln doses by end of 2020 Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Singapore. EU - 600 mln Canada - 40 mln Japan - 120 mln Colombia - 1.7 mln in Feb South Korea - 20 mln Iraq - 1.5 mln Chile - 10 mln Malaysia - 12.8 mln African Union - unspecified (via COVAX) Moderna Inc Distribution has begun in Canada U.S. - 200 mln (18 mln in 2020, and the United States. The EU, 100 mln in Q1 2021 and rest in Britain, Switzerland and Israel Q2) have granted authorization. EU - 160 mln UK - 17 mln Japan - 50 mln or more, to be distributed by Takeda Switzerland - 7.5 mln Canada- 40 mln Israel - 6 mln, expects to begin receiving the vaccines by March "at the latest" Singapore - Not specified Qatar- Not specified South Korea - 20 mln Johnson & Johnson Due to report late-stage study U.S. - 100 mln + 200 mln more results in coming weeks and on under subsequent agreement track to roll out vaccine in March. UK - 30 mln + option for up to 22 mln more EU - 200 mln + 200 mln additional Canada - Up to 38 mln Japan - Not Applicable South Korea - 4 mln African Union - unspecified (via COVAX) AstraZeneca & Oxford Under review by European (More than 15 countries and University Medicines Agency. UK has approved groups for over 3 bln doses) emergency use of the vaccine, with roll out underway. U.S. - 300 mln Argentina, El Salvador and India have also approved the shot. UK - 4 mln doses this year (delivery schedule pushed back after trial results; Earlier 30 mln doses were expected with initial deliveries by Sept/Oct 2020) EU - At least 300 mln + 100 mln additional Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and France - 300 mln + 100 mln additional Canada - Up to 20 mln Japan - 120 mln Bangladesh - 30 mln (through India's Serum Institute) Colombia - 10 mln South Korea - 20 mln The Philippines - 2.6 mln Malaysia - 6.4 mln India - 11 mln (through Serum Institute) African Union - unspecified (via COVAX) Sinovac Biotech Ltd Turkey and China have granted Indonesia - 125 mln with 1.2 mln emergency use authorization for doses already secured the vaccine. Brazil - in talks for 100 mln doses Turkey - 50 mln doses (3 mln received) The Philippines to finalize negotiations for 25 mln doses Malaysia - 14 mln Gamaleya Research Institute Russia to conduct clinical trial Supply deals with over 13 of a one-dose version of the countries including India, vaccine; 1.5 mln have been Brazil, Algeria, Bolivia and inoculated in a vaccination Argentina for at least 280 mln program underway in Russia since doses. December. Roll out underway in Mexico - in talks for 24 mln Belarus and Argentina. doses CanSino Biologics Inc Approved for use in Chinese Mexico - 10 mln-35 mln doses military. Late-stage trial underway in Pakistan and Mexico. China National China approved the shot developed Expects to produce more than 1 Pharmaceutical Group Corp by an affiliate of Sinopharm. The bln doses in 2021 (Sinopharm) vaccine's efficacy was pegged at 79.34% by the company. Pakistan to purchase 1.2 million doses The vaccine has already been used Peru - 38 mln on about 1 mln people in China in an emergency program. Bharat Biotech Co's vaccine has been granted In talks with at least 10 emergency use authorization in countries in South America, Asia India. and Eastern Europe Novavax Inc Late-stage 30,000-participant U.S. - 100 mln study begins in the U.S. . Interim data from UK - 60 mln ongoing late-stage study in UK is expected in the first quarter of Canada - Up to 76 mln 2021. Japan - 250 mln Australia - 51 mln + option for additional 10 mln; initial doses expected by mid-2021 The Philippines - 30 mln by July 2021 Indonesia - 30 mln New Zealand - 10.7 mln Medicago Begins mid-to-late stage studies No supply deals yet of its experimental vaccine in combination with a booster from GlaxoSmithKline . Anhui Zhifei Longcom Begins Phase III trials, planning No supply deals yet Biopharmaceutical to recruit 29,000 volunteers across the world (https://bit.ly/3mc5WUI) (Reporting by Amruta Khandekar, Dania Nadeem, Mrinalika Roy, Vishwadha Chander, Manas Mishra, Muvija M and Pushkala Aripaka in Bengaluru; Editing by Uttaresh.V, Maju Samuel and Shinjini Ganguli)

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