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  • Sherlock actor Benedict Cumberbatch saves cyclist from muggers in London

    LONDON (Reuters) - British actor Benedict Cumberbatch, known for his portrayal of fictional crime-fighter Sherlock Holmes and comic book superhero Doctor Strange in the Marvel movies, has been hailed a hero for chasing away four assailants as they mugged a cyclist in London.

  • Gay conversion film at London festival hits home for campaigners

    LONDON, June 2 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The contentious practice of gay conversion therapy will be in the spotlight at the British spin-off of the Sundance Film Festival on Saturday, a move welcomed by gay rights activists.

  • Film Review: Johnny Knoxville in 'Action Point'

    LOS ANGELES ( - What if Johnny Knoxville and a couple of his buddies from the "Jackass" hurt-yourself-for-the-hell-of-it TV series were put in charge of an amusement park? Instead of safety being the owners' primary concern, guests would be encouraged to tempt fate on notoriously risky waterslides, ziplines, and a high-speed downhill toboggan. That's the lowbrow high concept behind the gleefully brainless "Action Point," which was inspired by just such a death trap in Vernon, New Jersey, known as Action Park, where much fun was had (and many bones were broken) before a handful of personal injury lawsuits forced its closure in 1996.

  • Film Review: 'Adrift'

    LOS ANGELES ( - It's tempting to call Shailene Woodley a "sensual" actress, but let's be clear about what, exactly, that means. Woodley, like Debra Winger, has the gift of making sensuality dramatic; there's a beautiful severity to her features that allows you to feel the things she's showing you. That's a talent, but it's also an instinct -- what a genuine movie star has. And Woodley's got it. In "Adrift," she plays a troubled but ebullient 23-year-old globe-trotter named Tami Oldham (who's a real person; the film is based on a true story), and whether Tami is settling into the island of Tahiti because that's where the fates took her, or falling in love, or leaping off a cliff, or trying to figure out how to save herself after she wakes up in a drifting, damaged sailboat that's thigh-deep in water, Woodley gives herself over to the physical and spiritual reality of each scene. She knows how to play an ordinary woman who's wild at heart, and she keeps you captivated, even when the film itself is watchable in a perfectly competent, touching, and standard way.

  • Sundance filmmakers want women to swap casting couch for director's chair

    LONDON, May 31 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Women must get off the casting couch and into the director's chair if Hollywood is to move on from the #MeToo sexual harassment scandal, filmmakers said on Thursday at the British opening of the Sundance Film Festival.

  • Harvey Weinstein Will Not Testify to Manhattan Grand Jury

    LOS ANGELES ( - Harvey Weinstein has elected not to testify to a grand jury convened by the Manhattan District Attorney's office, his attorney announced Wednesday.

  • Jamie Foxx to Star in Todd McFarlane's New 'Spawn' Movie for Blumhouse

    LOS ANGELES ( - Jamie Foxx is set to star in the latest "Spawn" from Todd McFarlane and Blumhouse Productions, sources confirm to Variety.

  • Weinstein's lawyer concerned about publicity, 'pressure' on prosecutors

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - The lawyer defending movie mogul Harvey Weinstein against rape charges said Tuesday he was concerned that publicity surrounding the case and "inappropriate pressure" on prosecutors could be unfair to his client.

  • Language as extreme sport: Youngsters square off in U.S. spelling bee

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - At the annual Scripps National Spelling Bee this week, hundreds of youngsters will compete in a uniquely American contest that has been likened to an intellectual extreme sport, involving one of the world's most tricky languages.

  • Box Office: 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Stumbles With $103 Million Holiday Opening

    LOS ANGELES ( - The force was not with "Solo: A Star Wars Story" at the box office.

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