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What Is Your Favorite Color?
Most of us have a favorite color, and chances are pretty good that yours is blue. Both men and woman rate it as their No. 1 color.

That's the word from University of Maryland sociologist Philip Cohen, who surveyed 1,974 men and women asking them to choose their favorite color from this list: purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red or pink.

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Cohen revealed the results by gender to Life's Little Mysteries, which is part of LiveScience.com.

Men's favorite colors:
1. Blue: 43 percent
2. Green: 25 percent
3. Purple: 12 percent
4. Red: 8 percent
5. Orange: 7 percent
6. Yellow: 5 percent
7. Pink: 1 percent

Women's favorite colors:
1. Blue: 29 percent
2. Purple: 27 percent
3. Green: 19 percent
4. Red: 9 percent
5. Pink: 7 percent
6. Yellow: 6 percent
7. Orange: 3 percent

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