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The Real Secret to a Great Sex Life
The secret to great sex is actually very sweet: affection.

Cuddle time--whispering secrets and words of affection--after sex is what boosts contentedness, HealthDay News reports of research from the University of Toronto. This is why couples who regularly have sex tend to be happier than those who don't.

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The study: Led by Anik Debrot, the team conducted four studies of couples in the United States and Switzerland. The couples revealed the frequency of sex, as well as how often they shared affectionate moments. In addition, two of the studies asked the couples about their typical habits, while two of them tracked them over a specific time period.

The results: In general, those who were more sexually active were also happier and had a greater satisfaction with life. In addition, they expressed more positive emotions. But the key to it all was not the sexual act; rather, it was affection that was largely responsible for the link between sex and happiness.

It all suggests that the "relational aspects of sexuality--and more specifically, the sharing of affection--are central in understanding why sex does good," Debrot explained to HealthDay News, noting that this means we shouldn't worry about sexual performance or having a perfect body. "Remember that sex is a great way to share an intimate and affectionate moment with your partner," she added.

The study findings were published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

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