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Wear THIS Color to Look Sophisticated
The colors we wear send a subtle message to others. If you want to look sophisticated and give others a sense of quiet assurance, wear gray. Almost any shade will do!

If you want to exude sophistication, quiet assurance and elegance, wear gray. Click here to see the best shades to wear and how gray is being used in fashion--from pants to ponchos.

That's the word from the Pantone Color Institute, which describes gray not as dull and boring but rather "classic, composed and enduring" with a sense of "mystery and allure" that is both "glamorous and practical."

"The grays represent solid strength and longevity, an association stemming from the color of granite and gravel, stone, slate and rock; of ancient monuments, pillars, and temples that have withstood the ravages of time and technology," gushes Leatrice Eiseman in her 1998 book "Colors for Your Every Mood." She adds that the gray color range is most closely linked to timelessness and dependability.

Gray is one of those basic colors all of us should have in our wardrobe. Gray transforms, pairing with almost every color imaginable--from soothing pastels to passionate, vivid brights. And it always looks great with black and white.

Eiseman, who is the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, says that while gray is not a "trend color," it does signify subtle sophistication--serious, thoughtful, chic and elegant.

See THE fashion color of 2017!

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