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Top 10 Women's Shoes Men Don't Like
We all know that men love it when women wear heels. And the higher the better! Stilettos make any woman's legs look sexy. But women can't--and just don't want to--wear stilettos all the time. So then they turn to the other shoes in their closet. And if men were to be consulted, they would say, "Don't wear the wedge shoes!"

Find out what men--and women--think is the ultimate fashion item for sex appeal!

CouponCodes4u.com surveyed 2,103 men to find out which women's shoes they really, really didn't like. Wedge shoes came in No. 1 with a shopping 71 percent of men dissing them. Following close on its heels, were Uggs at 67 percent and Crocs at 63 percent.

The top 10 shoes that men find least attractive on a woman:
1. Wedge shoes: 71 percent
2. Uggs: 67 percent
3. Crocs: 63 percent
4. Platforms: 58 percent
5. Flip-flops: 55 percent
6. Moccasins: 49 percent
7. Mary Janes: 42 percent
8. Ballet shoes: 37 percent
9. Kitten heels: 34 percent
10. Sneakers: 25 percent

The bad news: It's easy to see that men really don't like practical or comfortable shoes.

The good news: Fully 79 percent of men say they pay attention to their partner's shoes. Now where are those stilettos?

Find out the worst shoes a woman can wear! You may be surprised to find out that it's not just high heels.

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