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Eva Longoria Reveals a Surprising Secret
Actress Eva Longoria was fully gray when she was still a teenager! That's the surprising secret she revealed to Us magazine. "I have [had] a full head of gray hair, since I was, like, 18," she said, admitting she has been dyeing her hair ever since.

Eva Longoria is wearing a beautiful pastel green gown that's see-through in just the right light. And guess what? She's wearing no panties!

Even though hair dyes are packed with chemicals that can be absorbed by the skin, they are remarkably safe. Still, the American Cancer Society offers the following health tips when coloring your hair to limit exposure if you are concerned about the risk of cancer:

  • Follow the directions in the package. Pay attention to all "Caution" and "Warning" statements.

  • Be sure to do a patch test EVERY TIME for allergic reactions before putting the dye in your hair. (Some people become more allergic to certain ingredients the more they are exposed. You may not have an allergic reaction the first time you use a product but you may the second or even third time, so it is important to keep checking.)

  • Wear gloves when applying hair dye to reduce skin contact.

  • Don't leave the dye on your head any longer than the directions say you should.

  • Rinse your scalp thoroughly with water after use.

  • Never mix different hair dye products. This can hurt your hair and scalp.

  • Never use hair dye to dye your eyebrows or eyelashes.

  • You may want to try a newer vegetable-based product that contains fewer chemicals, although you should know that these may not last as long.

  • Darker hair dyes have a greater number of chemicals of concern, so you may want to stick to medium to light colors if you do decide for a new look.

And if you decide to embrace your inner silver fox and not dye your hair, consider these words of wisdom from comedian Rodney Dangerfield: "It's great to have gray hair. Ask anyone who's bald."

True or false: There is no such thing as gray hair. The answer: True! Click to find out why.

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