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America's Favorite Pie Is...
...apple. But pizza pie is a close second!

That's the word from the Harris Poll, which surveyed 2,178 U.S. adults to find out what we love most about pie.

How sweet is this? Saving room for dessert--and then enjoying that cake or pie--can help you lose weight.

The top 12 favorite pies:
1. Apple
2. Pizza
3. Chocolate/chocolate cream
4. Pecan
5. Cherry
6. Pumpkin
7. Key lime
8. Coconut cream
9. Chicken pot pie
10. Lemon merengue
11. Banana cream
12. Blueberry

Fun facts to know and tell:

  • 69 percent say the best part of the pie is the filling, while 31 percent insist it's the crust.

  • 25 percent of millennial men prefer pizza pie over every other kind of pie.

  • 72 percent say they prefer sweet pies over savory pies.

  • When it comes to dessert, we are pretty much evenly split with 52 percent preferring cake, while 48 percent opt for pie.

Find out the best size pizza to always order--so you get the most food for your money.

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