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What Your Favorite Color Says About You

What is your favorite color? Blue consistently tops the list of favorite colors worldwide, while yellow and orange are favored by only a few. Your favorite color has a deeper meaning than guiding you in fashion and decorating choices. It also says something about your personality. Bustle.com has helpfully done the hard work to define what each color means. And while it's not real science, it is fun.

What do your home's wall colors say about you? Find out the inner meaning of nine paint colors.

If your favorite color is...

Blue: You are calm, cool and have an ability to keep things on an even keel--more so than others.

Red: You are bold, sexually charged and want to make a lasting impression.

Green: You place much importance on money and financial security, as well as security in your relationships.

Orange: You are friendly, easy going and love to be the center of attention.

Purple: You are a bit of a hippie with utopian ideals, favoring mysticism to reality.

Pink: You are a little naïve, sheltered and have delicate sensibilities.

Yellow: You are a happy idealist, who is often underestimated, with a high level of optimism.

Gray: You are afraid of commitment, lack passion and have no major likes or dislikes.

Black: You are part moody and part sophisticated, as well as a complicated realist with a need for control.

Brown: You are simple and comfortable and have no need for extravagance. You are reliable, frugal and direct.

White: You are innocent and hope to convince others of your purity (which you may or may not really have).

Find out the astounding effect of the colors blue and red.

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