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Bet You Didn't Know THIS About Cats!
Your kitties really do love you and enjoy being with you--even if they are reluctant to let you know it. Cats may appear to be unsociable, aloof and snobbishly independent, but that's just a ploy. They really don't mean it. More than anything else, they most enjoy spending time with their special humans.

When it comes to personality, cats are very much like people. And this test proves it.

Researchers from Oregon State University and New Jersey's Monmouth University assessed cats' sociability using the same cognitive testing tools as were used previously on dogs and tortoises. Fifty domestic cats who came from both private homes and animal shelters were tested for their inclination to prefer either of four external stimuli or incentives: human social interaction, food, toys and scent.

And the undisputed winner: human contact. Yes, time with humans unequivocally beat out the other three incentives--even food. Specifically, 50 percent of the cats preferred spending time with people, while 37 percent chose food.

So what? Cats are perceived to be difficult to train, but it could be that pet owners don't understand what motivates them. The results of the study could lead to the development of specific training strategies for house cats.

The study findings were published in the journal Behavioral Processes.

Here's a fun fact you probably didn't know about cats! Find out why your sweet kitty is really a wild animal--unlike dogs.

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