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Life's Good! The Best States to Live In
Massachusetts gets the crown. It has been named the best state in which to live--excelling in numerous data points, from a robust economy to a stellar educational system. That's the word from U.S. News & World Report, which used more than 60 metrics to rank every state in the union. Here are the results.

Find out the best (and worst) states for lovers. Sorry, Virginia, your ad slogan may be "Virginia is for lovers," but you didn't make the top 10.

Best Overall
1. Massachusetts
2. New Hampshire
3. Minnesota
4. North Dakota
5. Washington
6. Iowa
7. Utah
8. Maryland
9. Colorado
10. Vermont

Best Health Care
1. Hawaii
2. Massachusetts
3. Minnesota
4. New Hampshire
5. Iowa

Best Education
1. Massachusetts
2. New Jersey
3. New Hampshire
4. Connecticut
5. Maryland

Best Infrastructure
1. Oregon
2. Washington
3. Utah
4. Nevada
5. Minnesota

Best Opportunity
1. New Hampshire
2. Minnesota
3. Maine
4. Indiana
5. Maryland

Best Economy
1. Colorado
2. North Dakota
3. California
4. Utah
5. Massachusetts

Best Government
1. Indiana
2. Virginia
3. Utah
4. North Carolina
5. Wisconsin

Best Public Safety
1. Vermont
2. Maine
3. Rhode Island
4. New Jersey
5. New York

The Census Bureau defines "rich" as making more than $200,000 year. Find out the top 10 states with the most rich people.

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