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Lingerie Model Looks Almost Topless!
Demi Rose Mawby put on quite a show on the streets of London last month as she ventured to Charlie's nightclub, a favorite with celebrities and celebrity-wannabes. She was wearing a barely-there teal green mini-dress that was cut in such a way as to show off almost all her bosom. It was "this close" to being too risqué for What's New!

Demi Rose is "this close" to being topless in this daring teal green mini-dress!

Demi Rose, who grew up in a sleepy suburb, started work as a model in the United States. And then in May 2016, according to London's Daily Mail, she "became Tyga's new girl via a seedy Miami escort agency run by the black Hugh Hefner and probed by the FBI for prostitution." Whoa! That sounds like a movie plot--not the life of a sweet girl from a middle-class home who loved pets and cooking. (And the romance with Tyga, Kylie Jenner's ex, quickly went kaput.)

Meanwhile, London's Sun tabloid says Demi Rose is one of the most popular Brits on social media. Could that be because she shows off most of her body on Instagram?

British model Demi Rose posed totally nude for the cover of Sixty6 magazine and then attended the magazine's launch party wearing THIS! Let's just say she dressed...er, undressed...appropriately. This is NSFW viewing.

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