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Ashanti's Costume: See-Thru and Sexy!
Ashanti put on quite a show--and we aren't even talking about the music--at the BraVo international music awards in Moscow on Saturday night. We're quite sure the R&B queen wowed the audience when she picked up the microphone, but her costume, which showed off quite a bit of her bosom, did the same thing. See-through. Skimpy. Sultry. Sexy.

Ashanti put on quite a show in Moscow when she wore this very sexy, very skimpy, very sultry costume that showed quite a bit of her bosom. Beware! The top is see-through and may not be safe for work viewing.

It was 15 years ago (really!) when Ashanti's first album debuted, and "Ashanti" earned her a Grammy for Best Contemporary R&B Album as well as an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records as the fastest-selling debut female artist. And she wasn't a one-hit wonder. Ashanti is still successful, and she told Harper's Bazaar in a wide-ranging interview published this month that she "very, very grateful."

"It's crazy. It's an awesome feeling to know through it all--all my trials and tribulations, the obstacles, and the ups and the downs, the growing pains of the music industry--to still be here and being on tour and having people scream out your records and crying and standing on line and doing meet and greets and buying your T-shirt...it's an incredible, humbling feeling," she told Harper's Bazaar. "I'm super blessed to have an amazing team with my momager, my attorney--a team of people that I've known since I was 14. It's really a blessing."

Her sixth album, titled "Lose Yourself," will soon be released.

Ashanti's white gown has a 12-inch cut-out in the front that shows off so much of her bosom, this photo gallery may not be safe for work viewing!

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