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Check It Out! Fantastic New WebMail

Checking your e-mail on the go just got easier thanks to the new and improved WebMail for CompuServe users. The change occurs on February 5. All access to the old version will be redirected to the new version on February 9. Try it out here:

Now you can check your e-mail without being connected via the client software. Rich in features, WebMail allows you to instantly see which messages are new since they appear in bold. Everything you do in CompuServe Mail, you can do in CompuServe WebMail: read, write, archive in folders and delete.

But you can do so much more than that! Here are the top 10 new CompuServe WebMail features:

  1. Send text messages to your friends and family without ever leaving your inbox.
  2. With mail filters, you can automatically direct and organize incoming mail the way you want.
  3. New panels offer more of the content you want--today's news, stock quotes and celebrity fun--right in your inbox. You can even search right from your WebMail box.
  4. Read, manage and store your mail with easy access to tools.
  5. Access online content in one location.
  6. Easy access to your AIM account means you never have to lose touch with your buddies.
  7. Manage your busy schedule with an integrated calendar. Create multiple calendars to help organize different activities.
  8. Store all your contacts in one place so you can find them more easily.
  9. Choose the color you want and personalize your mail.
  10. Check your mail quickly--even with a low bandwidth connection.

To access your CompuServe WebMail, click here!

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