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Singapore confirms 41 cases of locally-transmitted Zika virus

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Singapore has confirmed 41 cases of locally-transmitted Zika virus, mostly among foreign construction workers, and said it expected more cases to be identified. Learn More


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FDA recommends Zika testing for all blood donated in U.S.

CHICAGO/TAMPA, Fla. (Reuters) - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommended on Friday that all blood donated in the United States and its territories be tested for Zika virus, as it moves to prevent transmission of the virus through the blood supply. More »


Singapore confirms first case of locally transmitted Zika virus

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Singapore has confirmed its first case of a locally-transmitted Zika virus, which has been linked to microcephaly, a rare birth defect, in Brazil, the health ministry said. More »


Zika likely spread sexually from asymptomatic man to woman: study

CHICAGO (Reuters) - New Zika research released on Friday has found that the virus may spread sexually from a man to a woman even if the man had no symptoms of Zika infection. More »


Miami hotel bookings slow, airfares fall since Zika outbreak

(Reuters) - Travelers have booked fewer hotel rooms in downtown Miami, and leisure airfares to the greater Miami area have inched down in the weeks since the Zika virus was detected there, data reviewed by Reuters shows. More »


Hong Kong's first Zika case tests negative

HONG KONG (Reuters) - Hong Kong's first Zika patient tested negative for the virus on Friday and was discharged from hospital, the government said in a statement. More »


Togo slaughters 11,500 chickens after H5N1 bird flu outbreak

LOME (Reuters) - Togolese authorities said on Saturday they had slaughtered 11,500 chickens in response to an outbreak of H5N1 bird flu at two farms in the capital Lome and the town of Adetikope, about 25 km north of Lome. More »


Nicaragua confirms first microcephaly birth linked to Zika virus

MANAGUA (Reuters) - Nicaragua has confirmed its first case of a baby born with microcephaly linked to the Zika virus, authorities said on Friday. More »


U.S. judge will not block California school vaccination law

(Reuters) - A federal judge on Friday refused to block a California law tightening vaccination requirements for schoolchildren in the state. More »


Yellow fever vaccination drive in Congo's capital hits target

KINSHASA (Reuters) - A vaccination campaign against yellow fever in Congo's capital is almost complete, but the gains may be reversed by the looming rainy season and the spread of the disease to areas where people have not yet been vaccinated, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday. More »


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