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Arkansas court strikes down a medical marijuana proposal on ballot

(Reuters) - The Arkansas Supreme Court struck down on Thursday one of two proposals in the November election to allow for the use of medical marijuana in the state, saying the proposal did not receive the required number of signatures to be on the ballot. Learn More


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AstraZeneca pauses two cancer drug trials' enrolment due to bleeding

LONDON (Reuters) - AstraZeneca's high hopes for cancer immunotherapy were dented on Thursday as the recruitment of new patients with head and neck cancer into two clinical studies was put on hold, following instances of bleeding. More »


More evidence cranberries don't prevent urinary tract infections

(Reuters Health) - Over the course of a year, taking cranberry capsules did nothing to stave off urinary tract infections (UTIs) among older women living in nursing homes, a U.S. study finds. More »


Veterans may face higher risk of suicide during first year home

(Reuters Health) - Veterans may be more likely to commit suicide during the first year after they leave the military than after more time passes, a U.S. study suggests. More »


Screen time, phone use linked to less sleep for teens

(Reuters Health) - Digital distractions, and a more classical one, talking on the phone, are linked to shorter sleeping time and greater daytime sleepiness for teens, Canadian researchers say. More »


Can nasal tissue be used to repair a damaged knee joint?

(Reuters Health) - Doctors might one day be able to harvest cells from patients’ noses to produce cartilage that can be transplanted into damaged knee joints, a small experiment suggests. More »


Sanofi will accept epilepsy drug blame if court rules that way

PARIS (Reuters) - Sanofi will accept any blame attributed to it by a court over the harmful effects of its epilepsy treatment Depakine on unborn babies in a case that also involves health authorities and practitioners, the French drug company's scientific affairs director said. More »


Myanmar confirms first case of Zika virus infection: state TV

YANGON (Reuters) - A pregnant foreign woman in Myanmar's largest city Yangon has been diagnosed with Zika, the first case of the mosquito-borne virus in the southeast Asian country, state-owned Myanmar TV (MRTV) said on Thursday. More »


Exclusive: India's tobacco industry, government face off ahead of WHO conference

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - India's $11 billion tobacco industry has urged the government to take a softer line on tobacco control efforts when it hosts a WHO conference in New Delhi next month, but officials say the government will not bow to "pressure tactics". More »


Sanofi partners with Brazil to accelerate Zika vaccine work

(Reuters) - Sanofi has struck a collaboration deal with a leading Brazilian research institute to speed development of a Zika vaccine, consolidating the French drugmaker's position in the race to defeat the mosquito-borne virus. More »


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