Don't Eat THIS! You'll Be Hungrier

Don't eat white bread.

Why? Instead of satisfying your hunger, it will just make you want to eat more white bread. And more white bread.

And while you're at it, nix the cookies, chocolate, potato chips and candy. In other words, all the good stuff.

Louis J. Aronne, author of "The Skinny," told The Wall Street Journal that we should avoid consuming refined carbohydrates and foods with high sugar and fat content because of "rebound hunger." When we eat refined carbs, it causes blood sugar to spike. That, in turn, causes an insulin surge, which then drives down the blood sugar--and then you get hungry again.

Don't eat this:

  • Don't eat bread before dinner.
  • Never add extras to your salad, including cheese, croutons, bacon and creamy dressings.
  • Cut back or eliminate artificially sweetened drinks.
  • Don't eat those pre-packaged 100-calorie snacks, since they'll just set you up for more cravings.

Do eat this:

  • Eat lean protein for breakfast, such as egg whites or protein shakes.
  • Eat a lean protein and a salad with at least two cups of lettuce for lunch.
  • Eat fruit, nuts and clear soups for snacks.
  • Eat clear soups, salads, high protein appetizers and a lean protein main course for dinner.

--From the Editors at Netscape

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