You're Most Likely to Have Sex on THIS Day


Friday and Saturday nights are the most common nights for married women to have sex.

But for their single friends, Monday through Thursday nights are preferred.

In a "they-got-paid-to-do-this?" kind of study, researchers from the University of Catania in Italy asked 1,180 women to keep daily diaries of their sexual activity from 2004 to 2011. This included everything from foreplay to intercourse and masturbation to sex toys, reports Women's Health magazine.

And what they found is that the calendar was booked for sex on Fridays and Saturdays for women who were married or in serious relationships, while the singles were on the prowl on weeknights.

Why the difference? The Italian researchers speculate that women who are married are more likely to have other responsibilities, including child care, making it more difficult for couples to find time to be alone.

The study findings were published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

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