Never Say THIS in a Job Interview

If you're looking for a job, you know you need to dress correctly for the interview, spiff up your resume and polish your interviewing skills.

As important as it is to say the right thing, it's just as important--if not more so--to not say or do the wrong thing.

On behalf of, Harris Poll interviewed more than 2,600 hiring managers nationwide to find out the most bizarre things they witnessed during job interviews. And this top 12 list of outrageous interview mistakes is a doozy!

The top 12 strangest things people have said or done during a job interview:

1. Before he agreed to continue with the interview, the candidate asked if he could call his wife to find out if the starting salary was high enough.

2. The candidate asked where the nearest bar was located.

3. The candidate brought his childhood toys to the interview.

4. During the interview, the candidate ate a pizza he had brought with him--and didn't offer to share.

5. In the middle of the interview, the candidate asked the interviewer why his aura didn't like her.

6. The candidate invited the interviewer to dinner that evening.

7. The candidate told the interviewer that if he wanted to get to heaven, he should hire her.

8. During the interview, the candidate ate crumbs off the table.

9. When asked why she should be hired, the candidate said her hair was perfect.

10. In the middle of the interview, the candidate started singing along to the music that was playing overhead.

11. The candidate bragged that he was in the local newspaper for allegedly stealing a treadmill from an old woman's home.

12. The candidate put on her sunglasses. And took them off. And put them back on. And took them off...repeatedly.

What are the absolute worst things you can do when interviewing for a job? Here are five instant deal breakers, according to employers:

  • Get caught lying: 66 percent
  • Answer a call or text during the interview: 64 percent
  • Appear to be arrogant or entitled: 59 percent
  • Dress inappropriately: 49 percent
  • Appear to have a lack of accountability: 48 percent

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