How you sneeze--a delicate little achoo that barely makes a sound or an explosive blast that brings the neighbors running to see if you're okay--reveals the deepest secrets of your personality.

That's what behavior expert Patti Wood, MA, CSP claims. In a "she-got-paid-to-do-this?" type study, Wood analyzed the different ways people sneeze and then classified the sneezes into four personality types based on the DISC Model of Behavior. Actually, she did get paid to do it--by Benadryl Allergy medicine. And this is the result of that research.

Identify your sneeze below and then read about the personality type that matches it.

The Sneeze: One small sneeze and it's over. You're so polite, you turn your head away.
The Personality: You are warm and friendly and like a relaxed pace. The most important thing in your life is your relationships with others. You will work to avoid conflict and get along--even if that means keeping your mouth shut or making personal sacrifices. You are loyal, calm, and dependable. People say you are a good listener, though sometimes you feel interrupted. You are helpful, supportive, and nurturing of others.

The Sneeze: When you sneeze, you cover your mouth.
The Personality: You are careful, accurate, and a deep thinker. Before you speak, you carefully consider what you will say. You are detailed and precise and catch mistakes that others miss. You have great insights and opinions, but you don't always get a chance to express them. You like to read books that make you think. You enjoy solitude so much that you prefer working by yourself and relaxing at home. You take your time, play by the rules, and wish others would do the same.

The Sneeze: Whenever it's possible, you hold in your sneeze. When you can't hold it in, the sneeze is big and loud.
The Personality: You are fast, decisive, and to-the-point. You wish others could be the same. You are efficient and uncomplicated. You do not have to rely on others. You are a leader. You are forceful and commanding and work to get things quickly accomplished. You seek physical exertion. You do not like to be used unfairly by others.

The Sneeze: You sneeze multiple times very loudly. When you sneeze, everyone in the room knows it.
The Personality: You are a charismatic leader and influencer. You are imaginative and have great "out of the box" ideas. You are intuitive and can inspire and motivate others. You value your relationships and hold them dear. You welcome new people and new opportunities. You are optimistic and spontaneous. You are open and people know what you are feeling. You are articulate and enjoy a good conversation whether it is on the phone, over dinner, or out socializing.

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