Top 5 Midwest Beauties

  • Made in America

    Made in America

    Are you a fan of the "Made in America" philosophy? Then you'll be Samantha's biggest cheerleader (yes, even guys can be cheerleaders).

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  • Blue Jean Babe

    Blue Jean Babe

    Your day won't be blue after seeing this Amrie Davis in blue jeans. Too bad jeans don't fit so well on everyone!

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  • Roll in the Hay

    Roll in the Hay

    Farmhands aren't usually known for their good looks. But Amanda Nicole looks like a farmer's daughter who knows a lot more about sex appeal than milking a cow.

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  • Blonde Ambition

    Blonde Ambition

    When the Beach Boys sang about "Midwest Farmer's Daughters" who keep their "boyfriends warm at night," they must have had Karli in mind. This Midwest gal now lives in California.

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  • Florida Sunshine

    Florida Sunshine

    This Tampa, Florida, native is half Filipino and half British. Aside from modeling, she hopes to be a successful R and B artist someday.

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