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10 Ways to Tell If He's Mr. Right

He makes your heart skip a beat, but is it lust or love? Searching for that one special person can be very confusing especially with the first flush of falling in love.

Try to step back and rationally look at the relationship you are building. Even in the earliest stages, you can discern important information that will tell you whether this is just a fleeting affair of the heart or rock solid love that will last a lifetime.

Here are 10 Ways to tell if he is Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong:

1. You absolutely know he wants you as much as you want him. If it's right, your feelings of love are reciprocal and mutual and not one-sided.

2. He walks into a room, and you just have to smile. You can't help it! And when you look at him, he's smiling at you.

3. You do kind and sweet things for each other just because you want to and not because you feel you have to. Doing them makes you both feel good--and special.

4. You are very secure in the relationship. There is no need for jealousy or suspicion. This is a drama-free zone. No one plays games or secretly tests the other.

5. He likes you for who you are and doesn't want to change you. Not only does he not make you feel bad about yourself, but also he boosts your self-esteem.

6. Life isn't perfect. You've had your ups and downs, but through it all, you have remained together with the relationship unshaken.

7. He has good friends, and you like who he is when he spends time with them.

8. He does not try to have power over you. There is absolutely no violence in the relationship.

9. He doesn't pressure you to do things you don't want to do.

10. The religious and personal beliefs, life goals and interests that make you different don't push you apart.
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