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Are you an average guy with the usual dirty thoughts, or are you bordering on perversion? Take this short quiz to find out.

1. When you see a hot woman, you immediately:
Hope there's not food on your face.
Look at her legs.
Glance at her breasts.
Imagine her panties.
Imagine getting hot and heavy under the covers with her.

2. Your favorite movie is:

''My Big Fat Greek Wedding.''
''Swordfish,'' because Halle Berry shows her breasts for a second.
''9 1/2 Weeks.''
''Eyes Wide Shut.''
''Awesome Threesomes.''

3. When you're getting to know a date, what you really want to ask her is:

''Do you have any sisters?''
''Is your sister as hot as you?''
''Are you wild in bed?''
''Will you have sex with me right now?''
''Will you go to a swingers' convention with me?''

4. The last time a woman interviewed you for a job, you:

Honestly told her about your strengths and weaknesses.
Looked at her chest once when she wasn't paying attention.
Imagined what lingerie she was wearing under her business suit.
Dropped a pen on purpose, bent over, and peered up her skirt.
Asked her what kind of skills she has in the sack.

5. When you talk dirty to a woman, what do you talk about?

I've never talked dirty to a woman.
Her eyes.
Her awesome body.
All the dirty things you want to do to her.
Whatever comes into my head, and sometimes, she slaps me as a result.

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