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Are you someone who loves danger, or would you rather just sit in the comfort and safety of your recliner? Take our test and see how wild and crazy you really are!

1. Which of the following best describes how you drive your car?
I didn't come to a complete stop the other day at a stop sign, but don't tell anyone, hee-hee-hee.
Fender-bender city man! Unfortunately, I spend my free time at the body shop.
Is it me, or should everyone treat the highways like a NASCAR track?
I swear, officer, I had nothing to do with that 27-car pile up!
I am proud to say I have never had a single ticket in my life.

2. Would you streak across the football field at the Super Bowl?

Maybe--if my friends paid me $10,000.
If I could wear boxers.
Hell, yeah, I would love to strut my stuff on national TV!
Heck, I'd go completely nude and even try to make a tackle.
No, I wouldn't even run out there with clothes on!

3. What is your idea of an exciting Saturday night?

My friends and I go to the pool hall, and I lose all my money playing billiards.
On Saturday nights I usually go skinny-dippin'. Wheee-heeee!
Vroom-vroom: I race dirt bikes at the track, and I always bring home the dough.
Me and my gang play chicken with our cars just outside of town.
Sometimes I like to go to the church and play Saturday night bingo until 9 p.m.

4. Would you ever ''base jump''?

No, no, no, no. I don't want to die!
There is a slight possibility, but I want my mom there.
I would like to think that when it came time to do it, I would just strap one on and go!
Hell, yeah--and I'll do it with no parachute!
What in the world is ''base jumping''?

5. Which of the following comes closest to your job?

I work on the Internet and stare at a computer all day long.
Would you like to buy a Slurpee? I get robbed all the time!
I wash all the windows on giant skyscrapers from one of those hanging platforms.
I'm a stuntman! I crash cars and get set on fire for a living!
I go to my Dad's insurance agency and work really hard every day.

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