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Sharing On A Dare
My wife and I went on a city break holiday to Madrid a couple of years ago. We fancied a night in, so we needed to stock up on some booze. She was so hot and horny that she decided to go to the local store wearing her black stockings with her coat over the top. She said she felt like such a slut walking down the street, and she loved every moment. When we got to the store, a guy in his early twenties was behind the counter. He watched us as we looked around to find a bottle of champagne. Just our luck that they were on the bottom shelf! She asked if I was going to make her pick up a bottle, but I backed out and said I'd do it. She smiled and said, “Thought so.” As we went over to the counter to pay, I saw the guy look her over, and then changed my mind. I said to the guy that the label was torn and asked if we could have another bottle. He said, “No problem.” So, I told my wife to go and get it. She smiled and took me up on the dare, by sexily walking to the bottom shelf. She bent over, and her coat lifted up to reveal her stocking tops and smooth, trim privates. As she came back, she looked at us saying, “Want to play?” I watched first. It was amazing. Then I joined in and gave her double the pleasure. We just did it once, but it was so hot! -Barrett, 37

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