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Mom's Blackmail
About six years ago, I came home earlier than usual from school. Mother usually would pick me up at school, but a friend's mother gave me a ride home that day. I entered the house quietly as Mom usually took an afternoon nap and I didn't want to wake her up. As I came to the living room, I heard muffled noises and sounds of the bed creaking from her bedroom upstairs. I called out softly, "Mom, I'm home." I got no response, but the noise upstairs continued. I became curious and went up to see what was going on. Her bedroom door was slightly opened. As I got closer, the frenetic bed noises got louder, and I heard her moaning and talking dirty to a man. The man turned out to be our young neighbor. I was shocked and didn't know what to do. So, I watched. I guess at one point Mother saw me standing by the cracked door, but she was in the middle of an orgasm. I sneaked away and went to my room. After they finished, the guy left in haste, and Mother rushed to the shower to clean up. I put my ear on the closed bath room door and heard her swearing. When she came out, she looked blushed and embarrassed. She had a hard time telling me that she and Dad hadn't had sex for a long time and that she needed sex as any normal adult would. All this talk got me excited again, and mother made me promise not to tell Dad. A wicked desire invaded me, and I blackmailed her to hire a prostitute to have sex with me to keep my silence. She complained and rejected the proposal at first, and then she called me a wicked son. When I reminded her of what she was doing, she gave in. She kept seeing the guy behind my dad's back and I got a hot woman as much as I wanted one. We kept up the arrangement for several months until she ended the affair with her lover. I made her promise that she would not cheat on Dad again. -Larry, 25

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