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Thatís All I Wear
One day, I came home and found my wife in just her panties and bra. Thatís a big turn on for me, and she liked that it turned me on. Well, to my surprise, she had something in mind for me. She said, ďIf you like that so much, why don't you try on my panties and bra?Ē I didn't know what to say but decided what the hell? We can do that. She had a pair of her panties and bra next to her. She helped me get undressed. Then I put on her panties and bra. They were white silk, the same thing she had on, and she loved that. She goes to me, ďI see why you like me in my panties because Iím getting real hot looking at you. So, from now on, you have to wear panties and a bra.Ē We had wild sex that night. She told me that she went out to buy me my own panties. Now, thatís all I wear 24/7. -Dell, 46

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