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The Really Wacky Part
I have so many stories about buying, trying on, masturbating in, and walking around in chicks’ clothes. Specifically, I'm into tight spandex-type stuff like swimsuits, and I like stockings and panties, too. What a sensation. I mean, I've had a lot of great sex with some gorgeous young women, but the most physically awesome of my orgasms have been in a few swimsuits, some panties, and some tights. When I got older, I started buying my own stuff. I had a whole garbage bag full of tights, stockings, panties, and swimsuits. I'd put on some oil and just spend like two hours on my floor, on top of some sleeping bags or whatever, pleasuring the hell out of myself and not thinking about anything. Only one of my girlfriends ever knew about this, and we'd do it through holes in bathing suits. I loved holding her in spandex and lycra, and I always liked the feeling of it on me. I think that women's clothes are made to feel good on them in a way that guys’ clothes just aren't. There's just something so sexy about them. I look wonderful in them, too. I'm straight as an arrow. That's the really wacky part. -Alexander, 24

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