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Too Good To Give Up
I was young when I first started wearing lingerie. I heard how silky panties felt and what a great feeling against the skin lingerie is. Slowly, I began to acquire a collection. The first thing I did was pleasure myself. When that black nylon made contact with my body, it was ecstasy. I knew I had found the best way to satisfy myself. The silkiness of nylon and the satin joy of polyester both offer me such delight. I thought it would just be a phase that would fade over time, but many years later I'm still treating myself very good. I never got into bras, just not convenient, but everything else I do enjoy. It was in my twenties that I got into slips, chemises, camisoles, satin robes, and nightgowns. There are days off where I will put on an entire set and lounge out. It's too great a feeling to give up. I have kept it on the down low all this time, but when I get married, I have to wonder what my wife will think If she finds out. Do I even tell her? The other stuff I can do without, but panties offer way too much of a great feeling for me to live without. When I buy panties, I will go far out of town to avoid running into people I know at the store. I have a collection that does such a great job in taking the stress out of my day. When they hit my skin, it is a high every single time. It's irresistible. -Paul, 33

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