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My Budding Fetish
When I was younger, my next door neighbors would have me take care of their house when they went on vacation. They were a nice family with two-year-old daughter. I was beginning to investigate my budding fetishes at the time. One day, I decided to see if she wore cloth diapers or disposables. A trip to her bedroom revealed that she wore both. Okay, so that means she must have plastic pants somewhere. In the bottom drawer were four pairs, toddler size. I took my pants off and tried a pair on. They were a snug fit, but they felt incredible. I loved the sensation of the plastic against my skin and the noise they made when I walked around the room. I took them home and ejaculated in them. Eventually, they started to tear because they were so tight. I knew I couldn't return them like that, so I kept them. -Glenn, 39

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