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Watching My Wife
I have been trying to get my wife to have sex with another man for years. So, I set her up and it worked. We went to a local park last weekend and had a picnic. I got her to drink 3/4 of a bottle of wine. I then took her back on a trail and started playing with her. I got her naked, and she then went down on me. As she was giving me oral sex, another guy walked up on us (she thought by surprise, but actually I had already set this up with a guy I met on the internet). She was shocked but I told her to keep going. He then unzipped his pants and pulled his package out. I was shocked at how fast she reached up and started going at it. I stepped back and he took my spot right in front of her. She then went right down on him. I watched from a few feet away. I was excited as I watched. When he was finished, he zipped his pants up and left. I came over and gave her a kiss and told her how sexy she looked. It was amazing! -Karl, 45

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