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Retirement Party
About two months ago, my wife's half-sister, who lives a distance from us, called my wife and told her that her husband was retiring from the Air Force and that he would be returning from an assignment in South Korea. She thought it would be nice for "certain" family members and friends to get together and throw him a surprise retirement party. But, there was one stipulation, her husband is a heterosexual cross-dresser, not a gay or bisexual cross dresser. She wanted the women to dress in men's clothes and the men to dress as women. So, you guessed it, I had to dress like a woman. It helped because I have the butt, hips, and man boobs to assist me. My wife wanted to go, but I was reluctant, at first. My wife gave me $250 of her Christmas money to get my stuff together. I found a black high-low dress that I liked, but it was too tight. Long story short, I had to take body measurements and send the dress and measurements to my wife’s sister, who took it to a seamstress and had it altered, plus she sowed in some black lace across the front. The dress also had black gloves that were an accessory, so I didn't have to put fake nails on. I found a cheap pair of heels (pumps); I also purchased a black push-up corset with garter straps and extra padding, and purchased some jet black, lace top thigh-high's. I purchased a wig (long black hair), a black clutch, a black choker with a single fake diamond, some black dangly clip-on earrings, and a black satin thong. We packed all our stuff in a suitcase and headed out. When we got there, my wife did my make-up and helped me put on some fake eyelashes. The finished product was hot! I don't know how many times I got pinched and/or slapped! My wife even came up to me and grabbed me. Marty, 57

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