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Wonderful and Unique
I am a married man who is 43 years old. My wife is six years younger than me. We have been married for fifteen years. I have a "pure love" relationship with an eighteen year old girl. I once was her language teacher. We are 100% compatible. This is an unconditional love relationship that has lasted for a year. I feel no jealousy at all, which is very unusual for me. I care for her as if she was the only other person existing. I do not feel the need for "possession" at all, but the need for deep contact; spiritually too. This is a new experience for me at 43 years old, and a wonderful one. I feel that we are both gaining spiritual growth from our relationship. She is very special to me. My wife knows about our strange relationship and, unlike most wives, has accepted it and is understanding. My wife is a very special person; one in a million. Unconditional love relationships, I believe, are a gift from nature that enables our own spiritual growth and, in turn, helps nature's spirit to grow. Today, I can say life IS wonderful and unique. -Bert, 43

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