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Feeling Beautiful Again
I grew up a regular little boy. I played with my friends and got in plenty of trouble. One day, I moved across town and ended up meeting a group of kids that would become my lifelong friends. Among one of those boys was a guy named Tristan; he and I were awesome together. One day, I spent the night over at his house and we decided to mess around. We ended up having sex and you know what? We both loved it. Every weekend from then on we would spend the night at my parentsí house or his and we would have hours of sex. Tristan made me feel beautiful and, some nights when his parents were out, I would dress up in his sisterís clothes. Then, he moved and I sort of disconnected from a lot of people sexually in high school. I started sleeping around with a lot of girls and being well endowed helped, but I did not really ever get into it. Even when I slept with a guy, I still did not feel the same passion. I wanted to feel desired and beautiful again, so I started painting my nails and doing a little makeup once in a while, as well as wearing ladyís clothes. I realized I loved the way I look and feel. Stephan, 24

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