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I wear women’s thong panties to work every day. My wife has found some that fit perfect, they are full cut in front and thong in back. They are thick, soft, cool satin. At first, I did not want to wear them, but I am used to it now. When she buys me new ones, I get very excited to get them on; I love wearing them now. Today, I am wearing a pink multi colored floral pair. I love how they feel. My wife said I will never wear men’s underwear again. She sometimes embarrasses me about it by telling some of her female friends that I wear panties; she makes it out like it was my idea. She even made me show her friend how they looked last week when I was wearing a purple pair with little stars on them, they were so glossy. When I was showing them, the friend said, “Oh, what a naughty boy!” It was humiliating, but my wife loved it. I do love her so much. Landon, 22

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