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Belly Ring Fetish
Although flat bellies are great, I don't know if I would have considered myself a "belly man" before. Nor would I have considered the fact that I might have a belly fetish. My recent girlfriend has definitely turned me that way. Her belly is absolutely incredible. She just recently got it pierced. I think nice bellies that are pierced are hot as hell on a girl. When my girlfriend and I are lying on the couch, I constantly find myself running my hands over it. When she is laying on her back, that makes it even better yet. I start running my hands over her belly ring ever so softly. We usually end up having some of the most incredible sex I believe I have ever had. On one such night, we were lying on the living room floor together watching TV. She had a tank top on that left her belly exposed. I started by just running one finger over her belly ring. She thought she heard somebody on the front porch, so she sat up quickly. I knew where my thoughts were headed and thought they were going to be ruined. She came back and sat down. I sat behind her and began to run my hands around her belly. She was under my complete control. Not wanting to be disturbed again, I said "Lets go upstairs." I didn't wait for an answer. I just got up and started walking, and she followed closely behind me. As usual, the sex was absolutely incredible. Afterwards when I tried to stand up, my legs felt like rubber. I had to sit down and straighten my toes. She just laughed. I am not as young as I used to be. -Stan, 36

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