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Unexpected Spice
My wife of ten years is very conservative in bed. She lets me play with her until she has an orgasm, and then we have sex in one of two positions that she allows. That is all we ever do. She hates oral, won't look directly at my privates, and provides me with no foreplay. A couple of months ago when I was pleasuring her as I always do, my thumb accidentally touched her anus. I was sure she was going to recoil, but she didn't. She gave a small moan and actually turned her body to make it easier for me to stimulate her there more. I was shocked. She loved it, but she did not want to admit to it or talk about it later. I think she might be a little ashamed that she enjoys it. Every time that we have been intimate since then, she rolls her body so I can also stimulate her there. It has added some much needed spice to our sex life, and I hope it opens the door to more spice in the future. -Rex, 35

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