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First Male Threesome
I showed my friend that I wear womenís clothes and he called me up and invited me over. It was getting dark, so I put on a shirt, skirt, nylons, bra, and panties and drove over. When I got there and went in, to my surprise, there was another man in his kitchen. My friend said that the last time I liked to model my attire, so I should start to do that now. I was a little shy with someone I didnít know there and it to me a minute to do so. When I started, both guys started running their hands up and down me. The more they did, the more excited I got. Soon, I was giving oral not to one, but both. Before I left, I told them I loved it and they told me good because next time Iíll have to please more guys. I canít wait. -Ted, 45

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