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If Only
First of all, I love my wife. That being said, I have always fantasized about nearly every reasonably attractive girl or woman since I hit puberty. My in-laws are no exception. My wife’s sister is about to turn twenty and her mom is about fifty-two. They are both knock-out gorgeous to me. I steal glances of both of them. For the past year, I have been stealing my sister-in-law’s panties. I recently began doing the same with my mother-in-law’s panties, but she is more private and I have a hard time finding them. They are both ultra-religious and uptight, but I think this adds to the desire to seduce them. Every chance I get, I "accidentally" walk in on them changing. My father-in-law is a drunken loser that is always causing marital problems. My fantasy with my mother-in-law is that she needs release from me. If only... -Miles, 24

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