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Subbing It
My spouse is a very sexy, dominant forty-nine year old woman. I am a successful fifty-one year old male. Early in our relationship, she took total control of our sex life. I am teased regularly to the point where I am begging her to allow me to perform on her. She has me trained to never reach orgasm without her expressed permission. Because I am on such a sexual tight rope constantly, I have learned to achieve an almost total sexual pleasure from her pleasure. After she has been satisfied and I am worn out, but feeling deliciously frustrated, she makes me dress her and then kisses and holds me until I calm down enough to function. She will often come home from work after texting me with instructions to be waiting beside the bed ready to give her whatever she wants the moment she walks in and sits down. I am more than happy to serve her and she is more than happy to keep me constantly on edge and ready to pleasure her on a moments notice. The results are an almost constant sexually charged atmosphere and an extremely compatible, loving couple. -Rand, 51

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