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She's a Doctor
When I was eighteen, I had small, red, bumpy patch of skin on my stomach that wouldn't go away. My friendís mother is a dermatologist, and he told me to talk to her since it could be anything. Just for some background info, I used to go swimming in his pool all the time, and sometimes she would be lying out in a lounge chair getting a tan or would be walking around in high-heeled sandals looking really good. I went to see her, and the first thing she did was to have me take off my clothes and put on a gown. I felt a little funny, but at least I had this little gown on. She examined the bump and told me she wanted to remove it. She then told me that she wanted to do a full examination. She checked my scalp, face, and neck, and then she moved around to the back and parted the gown. She checked my legs and finally lifted up the gown to expose my stuff. She then (without gloves) lifted my penis up and rubbed my testicles with her index finger. It was like zero to sixty in three seconds! I'll never forget her reaction, she said, "That sometimes happens. Don't worry," and she flicked the tip of my penis with her index finger pretty hard. I have never forgotten that time. It is permanently in my spank bank and has yielded great results over the years! -Nash, 27

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