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Lost Love
Just two weeks ago, I turned 65 years old. At the age of 16, I met a gal in Atlanta, Georgia. She was only 14. We went everywhere together. Her mom and dad drove us anywhere we wanted to go and some places we did not want to. I remember us sitting on the porch swing in Atlanta until the late night. I was an usher at the Empire Theatre in Atlanta, and she and a friend would always be there every Saturday for the matinee. I would sit with them some and we would talk. But, I had to make sure that I moved around a lot. This went on until I was 18 or so. Suddenly, my parents moved back to Clarkesville, Ga., about 80 miles away. We didn't see each other for a few years, and when we did, I found her mom and dad had moved. I looked and looked and finally found them again. I was told that she was dating a boy at the drug store just a few blocks away. But, I continued to see her mom and dad, and sometimes her. We lost contact when the family moved again. It took me several years to find them. I found them again and never gave up. But by then, she had married and I had too. But, I still visited her parents often. I still do. Over the years, my wife of 34 years died of cancer, so I still keep in touch. She was almost a redhead and is now as I am, grey. She is still married to a great guy that can give to her what I never could have; I am still in love with her, but I can never have her. Now, the moral to this story is, her parents always treated me as a son and I thought we were related. We were trying to remember last time we met, if we ever kissed. She was like a sister, not a girlfriend. But, I knew in my heart that I loved her and still do. I hope to see her again soon, and I will if she knows I'm going to be at her mama's house. If we never kissed, when I see her again, we will for sure. -Calvin, 65

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